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The Museum of the Basque Country is situated in the Baroque palace of Alegría, rebuilt in 1733. The Provincial Government of Bizkaia acquired the premises in 1982 and rehabilitated it as the Museum of the Basque Country. Its mission is to help illustrate the historical, political and cultural significance of the region and explain the principal characteristics of the Basque spiritual community.

The museum is distributed in four floors. The ground floor is devoted to the physical environment, which conditions the country s ways of life. The first floor is given over to the region’s history and the events leading to the current political arrangement. The second and third floors address such important themes as sport, folklore, festivals, music, dance, beliefs and mythology. The top floor also contains an area for temporary exhibitions. If you have an interest in the Basque Country, this is the perfect place for discovering its history.



Adress: Palacio Alegría. Allendesalazar, 5. 48300 Gernika-Lumo

Phono number: 946 255 451

E-mail: euskalherriamuseoa@bizkaia.eus

Opening hours

General schedule:

  • From Tuesday to Saturday: 10: 00h-14: 00h / 16: 00h-19: 00h
  • Sundays: 10: 30h-14: 30h
  • Holidays: 10: 30h-14: 30h / 16: 00h-19: 30h
  • Monday: closed except holidays last Monday of October

Summer time (July August):

  • From Tuesday to Saturday: 10: 00h-14: 00h / 16: 00h-19: 00h
  • Sundays Mondays: 10: 30h-14: 00h
  • Holidays: 10: 30h-14: 30h / 16: 00h-19: 30


Guided tours for groups (minimum 10 people) by appointment

Workshops for schoolchildren families

Option to conduct preparatory sessions prior to the visit to the Museum

Variety of activities: conferences, storytelling, concerts, presentations...

Facilities: Accessibility + bicycle parking

Rental transfer of rooms



General rate: 3,5€

Reduced rate: 2€ (persons under 26, over 60, students, disable visitors, unemployed visitors, NEKATUR card groups of more than 10 people)

Free entry: under 12, school group chaperone, ICOM card, teacher card, Nagusi Txartela, Puntuan Txartela, International Museum Day (May 18), Basque Coast Museums Day, anniversary of the bombing of Gernika (April 26) every Saturday (Museum Day).

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