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2019: Ondarea plazara! Cultural heritage takes centre stage.

Cultural heritage is seldom attributable to just one person. The works that we identify with, that really give our lives meaning and inspire us to get involved and take part in things tend to be works of collective expression. They also tend to be publicly staged, i.e. to take place in public spaces where we are invited to take part. They were created by those who went before us and intended to be passed down to future generations, creating a feeling of continuity. They are expressions of creativity and they delve deep into the sharing of knowledge, collective experience and, in short, the sociability of communities.

European Heritage Days 2019 seek to bring to the forefront all these works that enable us to get away from our everyday lives and grab hold of a part of our culture. This year more than ever, we therefore wish to invite the general public to take part in this event, to acknowledge and share expressions that range from the playful to the ritualistic, from the spontaneous to the ceremonial, but are always open to participation. They are tangible and intangible aspects of living cultural heritage that is materialised in objects and places and that gives rise to techniques and knowledge that it falls to us to enrich and pass on to those who come after us.
From squares, theatres, ball courts, arenas and racetracks, from bandstands and church porches, music, dance, games, sports and processions invite us, as they do every year, to get to know the heritage of Bizkaia. But this year, for the first time, we have a chance to take centre stage and interact in dances, learn songs, watch plays, create murals, travel along ancient pilgrimage routes, manufacture musical instruments and bring together the expressions of different peoples, first and foremost forging links between individuals and communities. Could there be a better way of safeguarding our cultural heritage?
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