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Accessibility tries to eliminate, or at least, minimize, the barriers that specific groups of users encounter when they surf the Internet, and thus, enable them access to information. User disabilities could be physical, mental or related to the technology that they use:

  • Vision, hearing or mobility problems
  • Difficulty in understanding the content
  • Not very intuitive surfing
  • Slow connection
  • Old-fashioned surfers or surfers that do no interpret the contents properly
  • Lack of specific devices (mouse, keyboard, etc.)
Compatibility with standards

All the pages with these icons Accessibility validationXHTML validation CSS validation comply with Accessibility Guidelines or with General Principles of Accessible Design as established by the Working Group WAI belonging to the W3C

Specifically, the new Bizkaia.eus pages adapt to the Accessible Content Guidelines on Web 1.0, Double A level and the recommendation XHTML 1.0 making special emphasis on the separation between structure, presentation, content and functionality.

Visual design

The visual design has been effected according to recommendations from W3C as regards Cascade Style Pages, Level 2 (CSS2).

If the surfer or surfer device does not have style pages, the contents of the web continue to be totally legible thanks to its structural marking.

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