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EHD 2017

Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa showcased together at the 2017 European Heritage Days


Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa showcased together at the 2017 European Heritage Days 

 “Paisaia bizia. Constructing Landscapes" will be the joint slogan of the three provinces, which will be featured alongside an image of easily identifiable and iconic aspects of Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa. 

In October, Bizkaia will host the 17th edition of a programme with the active involvement of local stakeholders in its organisation. 

Bilbao, 5 August 2017. Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa are joining forces for the first time to organise the European Heritage Days this year. And there are doing so with a common theme: Paisaia bizia. Constructing Cultural Landscapes. This years theme will focus on interpreting the territory as the result of highly complex processes involving cultural, social, economic and natural factors. 

The landscapes that we see today were not only the stage for our history, nor are the tangible evidence of past events, but are also active and dynamic entities in a constant flux of transformation, where the physical framework unifies the intangible and tangible cultural manifestations. In short, they are the top unit of our heritage and help us to understand it in its territorial context, but also from its development over time. 


Bizkaia, with the focus on sustainability

The 17th European Heritage Days in Bizkaia are underpinned by an integrating approach embracing cultural and natural heritage and with the focus on sustainability.  

There will be 77 municipalities with 275 ideas and schemes that will highlight the heritage values embedded in the environment. The dynamic, multi-faceted and varied programme will help the general public to connect with its heritage and explore its cultural values and diversity.


17 years of celebrating and commitment to the heritage

The Provincial Council has been in charge of coordinating the European Heritage Days in Bizkaia since 2001. The campaign joins the one run by the Council of Europe together with the European Union and which has seen unprecedented success in Europe, with 50 states currently involved.

The campaigns success in Bizkaia is down to the involvement of a growing number of local stakeholders, local councils, private and public entities, professionals and cultural groups coordinated by the Provincial Council, which, over those 16 years, have been committed to disseminating the heritage in each of their municipalities.

The choice of a common theme is another of the hallmarks of the programme in Bizkaia and provides coherence to all the activities and allows the endeavours of the organisers to be focused on a specific aspect of our history. 

Many themes have therefore been addressed over the last 16 years: industrial heritage, towers and forts, the "houses", convents and monasteries, rural life and traditional trades, the times of the Enlightenment, migrations and cultural heritage, interventions in the heritage, among others.

Thanks to the guided tours, lectures and exhibitions, demonstrations, tasting sessions, re-enactments, concerts, round tables and talks, and family workshops, the European Heritage Days programmes will offer the general public a wide cultural offering in the more than 70 organising municipalities in October.

It is precisely this thematic coherence and the commitment and involvement of any type of social and cultural stakeholders in the campaign that has turned the European Heritage Days in Bizkaia into a benchmark for an efficient management model.

Target 2018: European Year of Cultural Heritage

Next year, Bizkaia will be part of the events to celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage, an initiative approved by the European Parliament and which seeks to promote the European cultural legacy, raise awareness about the history and common values by opting for heritage as an essential resource for our future, given its social and educational value and its considerable economic potential.

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